• The Awakening to a New World

    “There is a New World being born in place of the old world. Although people are not happy with what is happening in the old world, they are accustomed to it.

    So accustomed that they're asleep and don't even realize it. This book is a Messen­ger to the Awakening in the New World. It brings information that you may need, questions that may bother you and answers that may suit you.”

  • This is the time for sharing, comprehension and spiritual evolution; for a new understanding, the end of old dogmas and illusions of separatedness inbetween beings. The time to create union and harmony for all beings and take the culture of peace for all corners of our planet.

    About the Book

    Prepared by the author based on experiences in the way of his own awakening , and inspired by connections with the perennial knowledge in modern philosophy introduced by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, provides the basis for understanding and conquest of a new attitude in life; through a contemporary spirituality and a simple message , with many examples and colloquial straightforward style.


    Part of this book is presented in the form of a dialogue; the interviewer group included Christians, Buddhists, Spiritualists, followers of Indian tradition, students of the Jewish Kabbalah; practitioners of shamanism and ayahuasca ceremonies, practitioners of yoga and meditation, spiritual freethinkers and atheists; economists, a PhD scientist in functional neurophysiology of the brain, a Brazilian journalist who works abroad, writers, educators and psychologists.

  • Reader's Comments

    “The world is different now and it's hard to know someone not in need of change - in the world and themselves. The Messenger is the guide for all of them. It offers the much needed tools for the effective beggining of a spiritual change, both enduring and wonderful. Immense gratitude for this.” Guilherme T. Felberg

    "People often mistake self-help for self-knowledge, but Paulo Ferreira takes us on a journey whithin to show that wisdom takes effort and compassion. Many people wait their whole lives for a master so a miracle can happen. Paulo warns us that a master is not required; but a student is. All religions say similar things in different ways; but in The Messenger, all excesses are wiped-off and we are able to see a purer and modern spirituality." Mako Abe, founder and editor of Destruidor de Dogmas blog.

    "This book has showed me the door, pointed me the way so I finally could understand that the world only changes when we change ourselves. We're condensed energy, creating reality time and time again. The Messenger shows, in simple and contemporary language, the paths we can follow to go thru this door. Namaste. Eternal gratitude." Mariana de Barros.

    "I feel I've been asleep for a long time, inert inside an absurd illusion created, at first by my own ego and secondly by the society I live in"  Fernanda Teixeira, psichologist.

    The Messenger is the type of book we regret not having find earlier...

    Not only because it is aligned with the most profound teachings about spiritual growth from East and West, or only because of its simple and straight language, but, most of all for we sense that's something that was missing and we took too long to find, condensed in such a poetic and hamonic form. Sometimes we are sure we "passed by" that content before, without fully realizing its importance. Paulo has this gift: it's the voice behind the sound, a whisper that simplifies, torn veils apart, reveals and sorts out treads of so many existences. Who knows, by the end of reading, you will have the same questions I had: who speaks in this pages; is it him, the Cosmos or myself? If you give more time to your heart, the answer will come, harmoniously: Paulo wrote a book full of "US", that your individualization indeed needs to read, to remember... ” Ale Barello, founder of Era de Cristal Movement; writer and psychanalist.

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  • Commitment of The Messenger

    To teach those who seek.

    To answer those who question.

    To attend those who ask.


    For the one who chooses to serve the Purpose, each contact with others is an opportunity.

    The knowledge that your studies, preparation and interior learning have brought makes one abler to help.

    Not that one Will be perpetually imposing one's opinions to others, for before everything else, knows it has not the mission to convert.

    Rather, observes that this is one of the most common errors of the uneducated.

    To argue is a useless waste of energy.

    What is expected of one is to be at disposition and accessible.

    Work for the knowledge and the message be available to the ones who seek.

    Whenever possible, acts as a facilitator, pointing paths.

    Never imposes oneself, or one's opinion view to no one.